Curriculum Maps

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Curriculum Maps provide a guide for each subject to the important topics covered throughout the year. They include essential questions, performance expectations, and other topics.

Center Elementary School

1st Grade

Huckleberry Hill Elementary School

2nd Grade  Math  Science  Social Studies Reading Writing
3rd Grade  Math  Science  Social Studies Reading Writing
4th Grade  Math  Science  Social Studies Reading Writing

Whisconier Middle School

5th Grade: Math Science Social Studies  Literacy
6th Grade: Math Science Social Studies  Literacy
7th Grade: Math Science Social Studies Literacy
8th Grade: Math 
Algebra IA
Algebra I (Honors)
Science Social Studies Literacy
World Language: 5th grade 6th grade Spanish French

Brookfield High School

English Department English I
English I (Honors)Humanities I
English II
English II (Honors)Humanities II
English III (Sem. I)
English III (Sem. 2)
AP Language and Composition
Humanities III
Gender Studies
Public Speaking
Science Fiction
Visual Literature
English IV (Honors)
AP Literature and Composition
Social Studies Department World History
Honors World History
Modern World History
Honors Modern World History
20th Century US History
Honors United States History
American Government
Honors American Government
Mathematics Department Algebra IB
Algebra II
Algebra II (Honors)
Geometry (Honors)
Pre-Calculus (Honors)
Calculus (Honors)
Calculus (AP)

Statistics (AP)
Discrete Math 
Math Modeling 
Programming in C++
Science Department Earth & Energy Essentials Biology (Honors)
Academic Biology (Sem. 1)
Academic Biology (Sem. 2)
Chemistry (Sem. 1)
Chemistry (Sem.  2)
Physics (Sem. 1)
Physics (Sem. 2) 

Anatomy & Physiology
World Language        
Career & Technical Education        


Physical Education

Performing and Musical Arts

Visual Arts